A.O.D. Services

NuVu is Proud to Introduce A.O.D. Counseling!

NuVu Sober Living is offering private A.O.D. Counseling as an additional service to perspective clients. Having worked at a number of the premier local drug treatment programs our head counselor has years of experience in offering counseling, designing personalized treatment plans, and is a credentialed CADC II drug treatment counselor.  She will now be offering private A.O.D. services for those looking for an effective, personally tailored treatment plan.

Clients will be offered an individualistic program that includes a case by case assessments, private counseling, and strategies to determine what resources best suit each client’s individual growth. Our goal is to support and motivate readiness for change.

Our counselors will establish a comprehensive treatment plan to help guide our clients towards a fulfilling and productive life away for chemical dependency.

Our counseling services are private, discrete, completely confidential, and designed around the individual schedule, location, goals, and needs of our clients. Our services can be made available at your preferred location, whether at your home, office, or other location of choice.

If you or someone you know is looking for an individual and personalized treatment program to get back on track, and working towards a fulfilling, and product life away for chemical dependency please feel free to contact us. We can work around just about any schedule and our rates are very reasonable.